Anonymous inquired The only collage you made of Patrick Stump was both Patrick and Ezra Koenig. Would you mind making one of just Patrick? Thank you, sorry if its too much of a bother x

I’m so so so sorry that it took so long, hope it’s alright for you

Anonymous inquired ooi,eu queria um capa como as das últimas,vocês fizeram pra uma amiga minha e eu me interessei,se pudessem eu queria uma do Daryl Dixon do The Walking Dead :)) Obrigada

hope you like it :)

Anonymous inquired Pharrell Williams please!

soz it took so long, hope you like it

Anonymous inquired a collage of Teen Wolf, please

if you just tell me who you want in the collage then i can make one because the cast has a lot of people in it and idk who you prefer, so yeah sorry

yungsoki inquired hey can you please make a collage of king krule 💖

i already made 2 of him and you can find them here

graevbaby inquired sandy can u make a collage of elias/iceage pls

omg eugene did you know that if you just google iceage pictures of ice age the movies thing show up, im still in shock so you better like it