Anonymous inquired What app do you use for your collages?

I use the pic collage app on my ipod but its all in the faq

Anonymous inquired a collage of Tyler Hoechlin please

sorry for the long waiting, hope its alrighty

clockwork-bones inquired Can you make one of Elizabeth Taylor Please xxx

i finally made it, sorry for the wait and i hope you like it

Anonymous inquired could you do a collage of the shoegazing band Slowdive? :3

i put it on queue, it will be on soon and sorry for the wait

Anonymous inquired Could you please make an arctic monkeys collage but could it be iphone 5 sized?

i’m doing all these with an old ipod touch and i have no idea about the size of the iphone 5 so i’m very sorry but i don’t think i can do it in any way. But you could download pic collage on your fancy phone and make it yourself maybe, it’s a lot of fun tbh :)

une-retrouvailles-deactivated20 inquired Would you do Tommaso de Benedictis (he's a model, Italian, blonde, etc) please? Thank you :-)

i really hope i got the right one because all those models look so much alike, thank you for requesting and sorry it took me ages